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Jeremy is doing a great service to vets and the country by providing a resource that covers the full range of what any vet needs to know from services available to how to best integrate into the civilian world, get a job, choose a career, or build the best relationships for you. Thanks Jeremy for your great addition to the podcast world.

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JV Crum III Conscious Millionaire

Jeremy - your show is truly an inspiration to say the least. What an amazing way to honor our veterans and those who fight for our country. This show is needed in our society in a big way. We have several different ways to honor soldiers and veterans…however, this is such a cool platform for honor. Great job Jeremy!

Larry Hagner The Good Dad Project

Just listened to Episode 13 with Emily Rich. Beautifully done, each of you! As an Army Veteran myself, Jeremy, I congratulate you on creating this much-needed and innovative resource for Veteran’s everywhere. I will spread the word. Bravo and blessings….

Don Hutcheson Discover Your Talent – Do What You Love

Jeremy is passionate about this niche and wants to give back to an industry that has helped and inspired him. His passion comes through in his interviews with interesting guests.

Bree Noble Women of Substance

I am so appreciative of this podcast Jeremy. I, too, am an Army Veteran who transitioned out recently. I love the concept of the show and how you and your guests are reaching out to Veterans and offering the multitude of wonderful resources out there.

Chris Samples The Journey of Success

The Veterans Directory

Looking for a veteran organization?  Find it on The Veterans Directory.  Know of one that isn't on there?  Go ahead and add it!  Let's help each other find the resources we need.