Say it isn’t so. The podcast is going away???

Well…yes and no. Yes the podcast in its current form is going away. This episode will be the last. BUT…I will still be doing interviews with veteran nonprofit organizations.

WHY stop the podcast? I conducted a poll a few weeks ago and 88.6% of you wanted to see the interviews in video form so…

We’re going to YouTube!!!

Head over to and please SUBSCRIBE!!! Even if you plan to never watch a video, please help my subscriber numbers grow by following the link and hitting subscribe. Other people will see it and say “should I watch these videos…oh yeah, look at how many subscribers he has, this MUST be worth watching” (or you know…something like that).

Also I have changed the rewards to the Patreon page so make sure you check that out. You can find that on This is the answer to the question “I love what Jeremy is doing for veterans…how can I help him out?”.

Also, for those who never watch video and only want audio, I am going to add that to the $2 reward on Patreon so if you become a $2 patreon then you will have access to the audio files for the future videos.

One last thing, thank you for helping this podcast reach 70,000 downloads!!! You people are awesome and I love you!