Throughout his extensive military and civilian experiences, Duane France has found that one principle continues to stand true time and time again:

“Audacity is the key to victory in battle.”

Duane is a retired Army Noncommissioned Officer. During his military service, he participated in five combat and operational deployments. Now, working as a Mental Health Therapist, Duane found that his unique blend of experiences and training have led him to be a successful mentor, advocate, and counselor to an underserved population in our country – our fellow Veterans.

Since his time working as a Mental Health Therapist and Advisor with the Colorado 4th Judicial District Veteran Trauma Court, Duane has established himself as a Veteran Mental Health Thought Leader. On a daily basis, in person and through his writing, he uses his experiences and expertise to bring awareness to Veteran mental health, and act as a voice on behalf of his fellow brothers and sisters in arms.

In Duane’s words “I truly believe that the numerous difficulties that some Veterans experience, including unemployment, homelessness, and transitioning difficulties, are all related to their mental health in some form or fashion. It is my mission to ensure Veteran mental health does not go unnoticed in our country”.

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Twitter: ThCounselingVet