Patrick Coleman is the President of Fair Housing Advocates, Inc.  Many of our US Military Veterans are being subjected to housing discrimination on the basis of their Disability when their Service Dog or Emotional Support Animal is either prohibited, or subjected to “pet rules.”

Housing discrimination goes unnoticed every day and is usually misidentified as landlord & tenant law violations instead of the serious civil rights violations they really are. In fact, the Fair Housing Act provides any victim of housing discrimination a very aggressive process to establish and defend their housing civil rights.

Fair Housing Advocates has noticed housing discrimination is going unchecked within our veteran and active duty military, law enforcement, and first responder community- our “Patriots.”

5 Simple Signs of Housing Discrimination:

  • Your Service Dog is prohibited by your Landlord because of its Breed, Size, or Weight
  • You are charged a Pet Fee, Pet Deposit, or Pet Rent for your Service Dog or Emotional Support Animal
  • Your Service Dog is prohibited from using common areas; pool area, fitness center, clubhouse etc.
  • You are forced to live on a designated floor or unit because you are Disabled or have Children
  • You are discouraged from renting or applying because you have Children
  • Complete our Housing Discrimination Questionnaire to learn if you are a victim of housing discrimination.

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