Diana Tsai is an entrepreneur solving social challenges since 2006 with creativity, tech, grit, and optimism. Diana is a branding, communication, and innovation strategist for emerging brands and Fortune 100 multinational corporations. Advisor to startups & nonprofits. Mentor for Veterans, Military Spouses, entrepreneurs, and good people.

Veterati is a digital platform for veterans & military spouses to access mentorship-on-demand from successful professionals across the nation. Since more than 80% of jobs are unpublished and exist solely within personal networks, Veterati focuses on mentorship as a primary means to discovering career options and securing real jobs. Our mission is to create mentorship conversations between 1.5 million transitioning veterans to the 100 million Americans currently employed across America to secure meaningful post-military careers for our veterans. The Global Head of Military Programs of the #1 Veteran Employer in the United States calls the proprietary mentorship-on-demand software we’ve developed for veterans “The Uber of Mentorship, a game-changer.”

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