A chance viewing of a short news story prompted Peter A. Cline to create a life-changing charity for veterans injured on the battlefield.

VETMotorsports, Inc., provides wounded veterans struggling to re-assimilate to the civilian world the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to work with professional motorcycle and auto racing teams. The charity has helped more than 130 veterans since 2012.

“I saw an opportunity after watching a TV short on BBC America about how injured warfighters were using motorsports to recover from battlefield injuries,” Cline said. “I asked myself why someone was not providing a ‘hands-on’ opportunity for veterans. From that point on, it was a matter of doing research and having some discussions with sponsors and friends to work out the details.”

Cline, a former professional motorcycle racer, spends time attending and facilitating race experiences all across the U.S. during the racing season, while focusing on fundraising and outreach to strategic partners during the off season.

Cline volunteers his time as executive director of VETMotorsports while working full-time as Traffic Safety Specialist at Motorcycle Ohio.

“VETMotorsports has allowed me to take 12 plus years of relationships and create this thing where the sum of the parts make a huge difference to those veterans participating,” Cline said. “The program is about creating a culture where injured warfighters are welcome, where we can provide them an outlet that shows them their self-worth and hopefully creates an opportunity for them to succeed outside the program.”

Cline, who lives in Upper Arlington, Ohio, was presented the 2015 Hazel Kolb Brighter Image Award from the American Motorcyclist Association for his contributions to the motorcycle racing community.

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