075-fbWally Carmichael is a husband, father, retired Army Medic, Department of the Army Operations Specialist and Podcast Host of the Men of Abundance Podcast. He was born and raised in Phoenix Arizona and joined the Army at the age of 20 for the education benefits, opportunity to travel and to escape what was clearly a destructive lifestyle.
It only took 24 years to complete his Bachelor’s degree in Business Management. And he was able to traveled to 23 countries on five continents. Wally has lived in Panama, Germany, Arizona, Texas, North Carolina, and currently lives on the beach in Hawaii.
Wally first started in the job force in a slaughterhouse at the tender age of 16, no pun intended. He has also started and operated many business ventures from Real Estate, Sales and installation of satellite systems, residential cleaning and internet marketing.
Next to family, his greatest passion is hosting his Men of Abundance Podcast, The Pay it Forward Community, where he has conversations with other Abundant leaders as well as up and coming entrepreneurs, authors, and thought leaders doing amazing things in their community.

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Here is the book that was mentioned.  I picked it up on audible since this interview and am about 3/4 through it.  I am really enjoying it and getting a lot out of it for sure.  You can click the picture of the book to the left and it will take you to where you can purchase it on Amazon.  It’s an affiliate link, so a little coin will come my way from Amazon, but it won’t come out of your pocket.  🙂